Rover HitchHiker Original HitchHiker CB EZ Rider SK8 Board
Brand Veebee Valco Baby Valco Baby Valco Baby Veebee
Product Code A9697 N8383 - Standard Brake System A8824 - Concealed Brake System A8908 A8829
Weight Limit 25kg 30kg 30kg 25kg 20kg
Age 15 months + 24 months + 24 months + 15 months + 15 months +
RRP $199 $125 $125 $165 $95
Comes with seat? Yes No No Yes No
Maximum attachment width 590mm 510mm 510mm 370mm 360mm
Minimum attachment width None 369mm 360mm 245mm 245mm
Maximum ground to attachment height 530mm 290mm 340mm 270mm 190mm
Minimum ground to attachment height None 120mm 140mm 160mm 130mm